Our Clients

We work with Further and Higher Education institutions, FE/HE funders, businesses, professional organisations and cultural heritage and public sector organisations.

Our clients have included:


JISC is a joint committee of the UK further and higher education funding bodies, and is responsible for supporting the innovative use of ICT  to support learning, teaching, and research.  We have worked with JISC on the following projects:

  • Web2Rights Project providing practical tools, flow charts and diagnostic tools to support the JISC Users and Innovation Programme. The applicability of our tools has far out reached our initial target audience
  • The OER IPR Support Project, which provided IPR and licensing support to JISC/HEA funded university projects which are creating open educational resources. The aim of the project was to support projects in identifying and managing IPR issues associated ith open educational content, with particular emphasis on the use of Creative Commons licences. 
  • The Strategic Content Alliance.  We created six reusable and customisation learning objects, which form an integral part of the SCA’s  IPR and Licensing toolkit which supports the creation and curation of digital content.

JISC Collections

JISC Collections is a membership organisation funded by JISC  which supports the provision of digital content for education and research in the UK.
We created two interactive copyright tools for schools and colleges to help them engage with the web and digital content.


EThOS enables users to access the full text of electronically stored UK theses from the web.  
We created several interactive workflows to help institutions manage the rights issues associated with online electronic theses.