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Minimizing Your Risks When Creating Link Building Campaigns

Creating a link building campaign is a complicated process. You’ll first have to figure out the best and most appropriate content to offer as a guest post. You’ll then have to find high-quality sites where you can guest blog on.

All this will require you to spend a lot of time, effort, and even money. Spending money on things that won’t get you much will only be a waste.

Here are some tips you can use to minimize the risks, in this case, the amount of money spent, for every link building campaign you start.

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Keyword Research

Your first step is creating high-quality content. That’s when you’ll have to pick keywords with large search volumes that are appropriate to your niche. You should also consider the use of long-tail keywords since they cost less but are often more effective.

Competitive Analysis

You’ll then have to consider that there are also other websites looking to guest blog on authority sites. So, after picking the keywords that you think are worth a shot, make sure they’re being used by only a few sites. You can see this in the Competition info in almost every keyword research tool.

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Revenue Estimate

Make sure you predict the revenue you’ll be getting at the end. To do this, calculate the cost of the whole campaign, which may already be obvious since the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is given in the keyword research tool. You should then compare this to the revenue you’ll get for each conversion.

Calculating Value

Finally, with the estimates and research done, you should already know the value of one keyword. While popular keywords tend to reach more people, many websites are competing for them. However, with under-the-radar keywords, there’s almost no competition, but only a few people search for them.

All this tells us that the best set of keywords are those that aren’t too popular and not too unknown. While you can’t remove the risks completely, you can minimize it by simple calculations, research, and more.

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