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Content Marketing Statistics That Will Surprise You

Content is everything you see on the internet. That’s why content marketing isn’t as simple as you think. It’s all around your business, whether it’s offered for free or not.

With this in mind, we’ve gathered eye-opening and the newest content marketing statistics that might give you a better idea of how content affects competition and revenues of businesses online.

Strategy Statistics

Only half of the B2B marketers use content to build loyalty and provide value to existing customers. There’s no denying that the other half is missing the opportunity, and you shouldn’t be one of them.

It’s also found that only 40% of content marketers are implementing marketing strategies. However, if we’re only talking about successful organizations, that number goes up to 65%. This tells us that one factor that affects success is marketing strategies.

24% of B2B marketers took the initiative to partner up with somebody and it resulted in the expansion of their reach. Although there are no findings if these marketers achieved a change, we’re expecting that it’ll only lead to positive changes.

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You’ll also be better off knowing that only 27% of marketers use promotional tools or advertisements. That means there’s no need for promotional tools if you have a firm marketing strategy at hand.

Research also says that approximately a third-quarter of content marketers are using technology or tools to measure how their websites and how well their content is performing.

In contrast, only 56% use tools to research the behavior of the audience to further improve the quality of content. That means more marketers are spending time measuring the quality of content than those that spend time on improving their content.

Audience Behavior

You’ll also be glad to know that almost a third-quarter of customers steer away from content that sounds like a sales pitch.

Buyers also admit that they’ve once become interested in products due to the free content they saw. This confirms that free content is a powerful promotional tool.

The industry is volatile and before you know it, strategies that did well yesterday might not do well the next day. The best thing to do is to keep updated with the latest happenings that might affect the industry.

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Minimizing Your Risks When Creating Link Building Campaigns

Creating a link building campaign is a complicated process. You’ll first have to figure out the best and most appropriate content to offer as a guest post. You’ll then have to find high-quality sites where you can guest blog on.

All this will require you to spend a lot of time, effort, and even money. Spending money on things that won’t get you much will only be a waste.

Here are some tips you can use to minimize the risks, in this case, the amount of money spent, for every link building campaign you start.

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Keyword Research

Your first step is creating high-quality content. That’s when you’ll have to pick keywords with large search volumes that are appropriate to your niche. You should also consider the use of long-tail keywords since they cost less but are often more effective.

Competitive Analysis

You’ll then have to consider that there are also other websites looking to guest blog on authority sites. So, after picking the keywords that you think are worth a shot, make sure they’re being used by only a few sites. You can see this in the Competition info in almost every keyword research tool.

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Revenue Estimate

Make sure you predict the revenue you’ll be getting at the end. To do this, calculate the cost of the whole campaign, which may already be obvious since the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is given in the keyword research tool. You should then compare this to the revenue you’ll get for each conversion.

Calculating Value

Finally, with the estimates and research done, you should already know the value of one keyword. While popular keywords tend to reach more people, many websites are competing for them. However, with under-the-radar keywords, there’s almost no competition, but only a few people search for them.

All this tells us that the best set of keywords are those that aren’t too popular and not too unknown. While you can’t remove the risks completely, you can minimize it by simple calculations, research, and more.

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Content Marketing 101: The Importance of Link Building to SEO

Link building is the process of convincing other website owners to link back to yours in the form of content. Many marketers know about this and they should be because there are many benefits of doing so.

Algorithms, which is how search engines rank websites, are always evolving and have been complex since the beginning. However, it’s no denying that backlinks are one of the most important factors in the equation.

Building these links is called link building, and websites that undergo this process often tend to earn higher rankings.

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Why Link Building Is Important for SEO

There are many ways on why link building can be considered important to search engine optimization. In fact, Google mentions that web owners can significantly improve their rankings if they can create a backlink in high-quality sites.

For example, if you’re a home renovation specialist, you’ll have lots of competitors. However, if you have linked all over the internet, particularly on popular sites, you’ll be the one standing atop of the home renovation niche.

How Does Search Engines Use Links?

There are basically two ways on how a search engine can use links. One is that it discovers web pages that it didn’t know existed before. The second purpose of links is to determine how websites are ranked, depending on the quantity and quality.

Once search engines determine the existence of a web page through the backlinks from other websites, it will crawl the page and decide what the ranking of the website will be.

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Search Engine Market

Google have used links to dominate the market since its founding. They made their own tool that was used by marketers to measure the quality of a website and find out the potential rankings.

Just as how votes are used by citizens to elect the next president, links are used by webmasters to determine who’ll be at the top of a certain niche in terms of rankings.

That’s why getting other website owners to link back to yours can be difficult. It’s one way of saying that you won’t get the vote if the website doesn’t deserve it.

The algorithm of popular search engines such as Google and Bing were unknown to many until search engine optimization was introduced. Now, it’s confirmed that there are many factors affecting rankings.

One of such factors includes links and rankings depend on the quantity and quality. For quantity, it’s simply the number of links a website has. Quality then depends on how good the website that’s linking back to you is.

While link building is a great way to increase your reach, exposure, and leads, it’s important to remember that one strategy can’t do everything.

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The Different Social Media Channels and Their Copyright Regulations

Copyright regulations were made to protect the original owner of a property from any kind of infringement or in simpler terms, copying. However, if taken in an appropriate manner, individuals can still post the works of others.

Social media platforms are known for being a place with plenty of infringement, though the individuals performing such acts are punished accordingly.

To help you avoid being one of these individuals, let’s take a better look at the copyright regulations of the different social media platforms.

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Social Media

Before anything else, it’s important to understand that while the regulations of one platform may differ from another, there are similarities. One similarity is that owners can decide whether their work may be copyrighted.

Twitter and Copyright

Twitter’s copyright regulations are pretty straightforward. Their conditions are that whenever a user posts a Tweet, the said user is granting Twitter the permission to share his/her Tweet to anyone around the world, with no exceptions.

Basically, when a Twitter user starts making use of Twitter, it only means they’ve already granted Twitter a license to share their Tweets.

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Facebook and Copyright

The terms and conditions of Facebook regarding copyright are pretty much the same with Twitter. However, this time, users can change how it works by going through the privacy settings.

As a result, Facebook users will have more options when it comes to posting content that may be copyrighted.

Pinterest and Copyright

Pinterest also has a unique set of copyright regulations. This is because they don’t ask for a copyright license for them to share your posts anywhere. However, upon entering Pinterest, you’re agreeing that what you post will be shared.

This social media platform is perhaps the farthest from being strict when it comes to copyright issues.

It would be best if you don’t put your personal property in social media in the first place. Not only is there no surefire way to avoid infringement, but you’re also more prone to cyberbullying.

It’s recommended that you only use social media when doing content marketing, and not on posting personal or classified information.

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5 Strategies for Implementing Visuals in Content Marketing

It was once said that visual content, particularly videos, is the future of content marketing. Considering that there are several statistics supporting the theory, there’s no reason not to believe it.

Now that it’s official, the only thing you can do about it is implementing a new marketing strategy revolving around visual content marketing.

Here are some of those strategies that you can use right now.

postimage 5StrategiesforImplementingVisualsinContentMarketing onlinemarketingtablet - 5 Strategies for Implementing Visuals in Content MarketingSimple Images

Many marketers use overcomplicated images and as a result, people tend to misunderstand the meaning behind them. If possible, make it simple and easy to understand.

Various Formats

Since the start of the theory that visual content is the future of content marketing, many businesses started using images and videos. Make sure to steer away from the norm and be unique. For example, you can use graphical charts or screenshots.

Avoid Copyright Issues

There’s no denying that copyright issues are one of the problems many marketers are facing now. Since visual content is protected by copyrights, you should find out if it’s shareable or restricted.

Search Engine Optimization

Even visual content needs to undergo the typical search engine optimization process. Put simply, you need to search for appropriate keywords, descriptions, meta titles, and more.

Social Media Sharing

With a ready-to-use visual content, all you have to do is share it to multiple online channels. And when we’re talking about sharing, there’s nothing better than social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Content marketing is undergoing some changes right now and it won’t be long before visual content become history. That’s why you should take advantage of this opportunity immediately before any changes happen again.

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How to Avoid Copyright Issues When Posting on Social Media Platforms

Due to obvious reasons, many platforms placed copyright regulations and guidelines for a healthier community.

Social media platforms are no exception. In fact, platforms like these are some of the places with strict copyright guidelines, and it’s no easy task to avoid getting caught up in these issues.

Here we go through some of the most effective ways to avoid copyright issues that may get you and your brand in trouble.

Determine the Owner

Before posting, you must first determine who the owner of the copyrighted material is. This may range from an author of literature, creator of artwork, publisher, videographer, composer, and more.

Getting Permission

Once you know who the owner is, you can contact the owner for permission to post. You may also contact a website made for this sole purpose, Copyright Clearance Center.

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Consider the Fair Use

Remember that “fair use” should be considered before posting. You may post copyright materials if you’ll only post a small percentage of the overall material, or if it’s for educational purposes.

Know the Penalties

Copyright penalties range from being reported and being asked to stop posting to being forced to go to court where you may be asked to pay a penalty ranging from $750 to $30,000. This is reasonable since it’s possible that the damage may not be fixed.

When it comes to social media, every move a major brand makes can affect their reputation. Content marketing is an essential part of promoting a brand, but if you can’t follow simple copyright regulations, then you won’t go far in the industry.

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Content Marketing 101: How Guest Blogging Can Grow Your Online Audience

Guest blogging is a marketing strategy implemented by professionals to improve their search engine optimization. It’s where a website owner creates content and hands it over to another owner to create a backlink.

The core of this strategy lies in what is called “creative commons license”, where the work of an author is allowed to be shared by the public, in the case of guest blogging, is the other owner.

Today we look at the importance of this creative commons license, in a way that it allows guest blogging to occur.


Many marketers often set their eyes on guest blogging for popular websites. If you can achieve this, even a website with only 1,000 subscribers can skyrocket the traffic received by guest blogging in a website known by millions such as Forbes, HuffPost, and more.

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Website Traffic

After being exposed to millions of people, it’s inevitable that a given percentage of that number will click the link to your website. This will then drive traffic to your business, and allowing for the next step to take place.

Acquiring Leads

With the ability and license to create content for other website owners, visitors of that website are led to your own platform. That means you can convert the visitors not only of your website but also of other websites through guest blogging.


Even though a website has been operating for years, Google might not exactly know it exists. In other words, it’s not in the list of the websites worth promoting. However, just as how easy it is to catch the attention of users, the same applies to search engines.

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It’s an established fact that Forbes and HuffPost are some of the most popular authority sites on the internet. Authority sites are those trusted by many and considered as a reliable source of information. Having a link to one of these websites will also help establish your authority.

It goes without saying that guest blogging isn’t easy. This means you have to spend a lot of time improving your writing skills to be accepted as a guest blogger for popular websites. So not only will it help you establish your brand, but it’ll also help you improve your writing skills.